Saturday, February 2, 2008


Table Scraps

Wow. lmao at other rappers. These fools are beasts! Copyrite and Tage Prototype just drop lyrical bombs. The production is held by RJD2 with his rock/funkish vibe of which is ok but im not much into it but it carries well with the whole feel of the album. In your face Lil Wayne.


1 97 Intro
2 Rocket Science
3 Kryptonite
4 Couldn't Find Another
5 Magnetics
6 The Funnel
7 Absotively Posulutely
8 This Year
9 The Chosen
10 Combustion Spontaneous
11 World Premier
12 Creatively Wise
13 Widespread
14 Holier Than Thou
15 Rain (RJD2 Instr)
16 Counseling


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