Monday, March 24, 2008

Pete Rock

Surviving Elements: From Soul Survivor II Sessions

A lot of people "claim" they like hip-hop but don't know who Pete Rock is. It's really sad how dumb people are getting with all this MTV bullshit, the radio, and the club scene vibes. Pete Rock IS HIP HOP KIDS. Pete Rocks Soul Survivor II Sessions is the shit. It may as well be better than Petestrumentals but I don't want to choose favorites when It comes to these shits. It's fresh.


1. You Remind Me
2. Hip, Skip and Jump
3. (Pimp) Strut n
4. Glowing n
5. Smoking Room Only
6. Flying
7. Marching On
8. Placebo
9. Standard
10. Midnight and You
11. Fairground
12. Stormy Weather
13. Hip 2 Hip
14. U Are What You Are
15. Intrigue

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