Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fusion of Syllables

Focus On Skillz

This album is dope as hell. I had bought it in early 07 and hadn't listened to it much until early '08 and my oh my was I missing out. Dope, dope, and dope. Btw they are from Colorado.

1- Intro
2- What Ya'll Kids Want?
3- Now Thate I
4- Live This
5- Individuolz
6- Pegasys
7- We Do
8- Midwestrol (by fumes)
9- When Will it End?
10- Thats Redic!
11- Bed of Nailz
12- Follow Me
13- The Struggle
14- Sexy Video Killers
15- The Last Straw

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1 comment:

Reinerputenfleisch said...

great album!

the second track is the bomb!!!