Sunday, November 25, 2007

Surreal and DJ Balance

Future Classic

Very cool. I love this album. The production is so fresh, and the lyrical content brings positive vibes.

1 - Intro (beat by ES NINE)
2 - Rebirth of Skill (beat by MoO)
3 - Each Step (beat by Bluemind)
4 - Car and a Job (beat by Ohmega Watts) featuring Ohmega Watts and
5 - One Man Band (by Dj Balance)
6 - Can't Stop The Bumrush (beat by MoO)
7 - Moment In Time (beat by MoO)
8 - The Proof (beat by Vintage) featuring Absalom
9 - What It Is? (beat by Relic)
10 - Writing 101 (by DJ Balance)
11 - Permanent Ink (beat by Vintage) featuring Braille and Sivion
12 - Speak Facts (beat by The Soundproviders)
13 - Yeah Boy (beat by Kero One) featuring Theory Hazit
14 - Let The Horns Blow (beat by Tony Stone) featuring saxophone by S

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1 comment:

Julius said...

Major props on this...fuckin awesome production and lyrics are extremely tight