Tuesday, June 24, 2008



This album and Word...Life get tons of rotation. O.C. brings a sick flow, dope production with the likes of DJ Premier, Ogee, Buckwild, Da Beatminerz, Showbiz, and Lord Finesse! WOW! In addition to Big L as a guest appearance (RIP), which just makes this album even better! My favorite track has probably got to be the Buckwild joint Cant Go Wrong or Stronjay. Although many would go for the Primo tracks but not me sorry :)


1. Intro
2. My World
3. War Games - (featuring Organized Konfusion)
4. Can't Go Wrong
5. Dangerous (featuring Big L)
6. You And Yours
7. Win The G (featuring Bumpy Knuckles)
8. Far From Yours
9. Stronjay
10. M.U.G. - (featuring Freddie Foxxx)
11. The Crow
12. You and Yours
13. Hypocrite
14. It's Only Right
15. Jewelz

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