Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ill Biskits

Chronicle of Two Losers

When I dig for some hip hop my general rule is to stay away from albums that have more then 13-15 tracks cause I feel the more tracks then less quality rite? So I have come across this album countless times and would pass it up, probably due to the doods on the cover that are so close they could kiss you. I had recently gave it a listen and god damn am I angry at myself, this album is so chill, just pop it in while your cruisin at night, its damn fresh. Released in '95.


1. Chronicle I
2. Exclusive Debut
3. Chill Factor. Produced by Tony L.
4. A Better Day. Produced by Buckwild
5. Chronicle II
6. Broker Than Ever Prod. by Myke Loe
7. Illustrations. Produced by Myke Loe
8. God Bless Your Life
9. Let 'Em Know. Prod by Lord Finesse
10. Chronicle III
11. Bare Essentials.
12. Place To Be. Prod. by Myke Loe
13. Escape The Funk
14. Recognize. Produced by Myke Loe
15. 22 Years. Prod. by Lord Finesse
16. Hypnotic Blessings (Remix).
17. Beyond Understanding (demo)
18. Chill Factor (Instrumental).
19. God Bless Your Life (Instrumental)
20. Hypnotic Blessings (Remix Inst)

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