Friday, September 5, 2008

Erick Sermon

No Pressure

Erick Sermons solo "No Pressure" was released a year after Redmans '92 album so It has that hard hitting murky funk shit which is so dope. Lyrically Sermon is decent, there are some tracks where he has some dope & witty lines, but for the most part its nothing that will blow you outta the water, but, it does go quite nicely with his own production. There are a few tracks featuring Keith Murray which Murray drops some ill lines as expected in early 90's ish. Also LOD of the Def Squad as well as Redman make guest appearances, DOPE.


1. Intro
2. Payback II
3. Stay Real
4. Imma Gitz Mine
5. Hostile
6. Do It Up
7. Safe Sex
8. Hittin' Switches
9. Intro
10. Erick Sermon
11. The Hype
12. Lil Crazy
13. The Ill Shit
14. Swing It Over Here
15. Interview
16. All In The Mind
17. Female Species

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