Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vinyl Mix 8


Dres - Crazy World
Droopy Eye Crew - Most Deadliest Of All Games
Rugged Brood - Dwellin In Darkness
Fully G - There She Goes Again
Nut Nut - Hands In The Air (prod. Dj Premier)
I.G. Off and Hazardous-In the air
J-Force - Bull' s Eye
J-Force - For All Thoze
K Mack - In Baltimore
Rugged Brood - look out
Rugged Brood - nonfiction
Darcmind - Outside_Looking_In (prod. Nick Wiz)
Real MC's (prod. Nick Wiz)
Nut Nut - The World Of Nut

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Brainsickone said...

Ohhhh this shit is hot!
Thx for posting this...pzzz!