Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vinyl Mix 9

If anyone knows of a Shabaam Sahdeeq track called "On A Mission???" The hook goes something like "I'm on a mission theres nothing impossible to achieve but I need that green to attack the industry wit my team." Hook it up with a .mp3. I have it on a stretch and bobbito tape from '94 where the artifacts are a guest... Thanks fam, peace.


1 Ran Reed - The Introduction ft. Cella Dwellas, Moonie d
2 SIR MENELIK - Terror Works
3 MIC - L SIR MENELIK GODFA. DON - No Competition
4 creative_ft. hi tech-the_presentation_original_vocal
5 creative ft. hi tech-the_presentation_remix_vocal
6 Mad Skillz - Skillz In 95 prod. Large Professor
7 the bedroom wizard ft mad skillz - skillz in 98
8 Mad Skillz, N-Tense - Kiss FM freestyle 1996
9 Wordsworth, A.L., J-Treds - Cipher Session
10 mental supreme - mad sh.t
11 mental supreme - no stress
12 Shabaam Sahdeeq - Remember Me
13 Shadowz In The Dark - Black Clouds
14 Shadowz In The Dark - Fatigez
15 Shadowz In The Dark - Snake Charmers
16 Main One - Something Special
17 Stezo - Shining Star
18 Stezo - Time Ta Blow Ya Mind
19 Basement Khemist - Vibrate
20 Obscure Disorder - Lyrically Exposed (Part Two) The Revelation
21 HEZ - The Zip
22 Nomad - Blessed 2 Mic Check

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myspace.com/fromdagroundunda said...

Thanks, man. Real hip-hop over here.

Waskrijt said...

great compilations

quicksmack said...

i did a search for "i'm on a mission, its not impossible to achieve, i need that green...blah blah blah" and got to this blog..

ive been googling lines from different parts of that song by shabaam and havent come up with anything..

its quite baffling that information about that song is nowhere to be found..

so yeah, i feel ya man.. haha

esteban said...

Word brotha! I NEED that song! Im thinking of just editing my stretch tape to just have it isolated hhaha.

Eric said...

Thanks for the mix.

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