Monday, December 3, 2007


Track Team

Chatterbox lyricism coupled with a solidly smooth array of production, makes the album feel like a Coney Island Cyclone at the top of the drop.

I had popped this one in one day when my neighbor had the same class in the morning at my local shitty junior college and he fell in love with the first track, not sure if he ever got passed it but its a sick album no doubt. They are from Brooklyn is you couldnt tell :) enjoy!

1 - Crow's Nest
2 - Utmost feat. Cool Calm Pete
3 - Moses Fish
4 - Holiday Golightly
5 - Good Feels
6 - Gumption
7 - Venus Fly Rap
8 - NY Shitty feat. Illzburry
9 - GotGetGood
10 - Lady Luck
11 - Speakeasy
12 - The Playoff
13 - Turn Styles...

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