Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Masta Ace


If I were talking hip hop with someone who was a Lil Wanye dick ryder this is one album I would throw in their face, along with his next release and some other albums like Showbiz & AG, O.C. and some recent releases like Fat Jon and J. Rawls, or DIVERSE'S ONE A.M.!

1.Walk Thru The Valley, A
2.Slaughtahouse / Diggadome (Intro)
3.Late Model Sedan
4.Jeep Ass Niguh
5.Big East, The
6.Jack B. Nimble
7.Boom Bashin'
8.Mad Wunz, The
9.Style Wars
10.Who U Jackin'?
11.Rollin' Wit Umdada
12.Ain't U Da Masta
13.Crazy Drunkin Style
14.Don't F*** Around (Outro)
15.Saturday Nite Live

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