Friday, December 12, 2008

Vinyl Mix 4

Some dope vinyl tracks again. early mid ninties new york, and one chi town joint haha. Also T-Dot. seems to be a trend here. Lemme know what you think. enojoy!

01-Tribeca Sound - Street Jazz
02 - Mask Of The Phantom
03 - Mad Fright Night
04-Native Nutts - 40 Oz.[Remix]
05-Tung Twista - Suicide
06-Crazy Sam & Da Verbal Assassins - Verbal Assassins
07-Da Youngstas - No More Hard Times[Remix]
09-Da Nuthouse - A Luv Supreme
10-Da Nuthouse - Synapsis
11-Da Nuthouse - Very Vocabulary
12-N.O.N.-E.Quation - Hypoetix
13-N.O.N.-E.Quation - N.O.N.-E.Quation II
14-N.O.N.-E.Quation - Transparent
15-Blaque Spurm - The Cycle
16-Blaque Spurm - Splendid
17-Blaque Spurm - Jizm 2

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panda said...

Great selection fiouuuuu :)

DJ Kool Emdee said...

This is DJ Kool Emdee. I see you got Blaque Spurm in your mix. Those are my homies who I DJ for now. Check my blog @ under the S.M.U.G.G.L.A.Z. post.