Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vinyl Mix 5

Word ... Some vinyl rips and just a compilation of other tracks. Real dope stuff on here. The J.Treds joint is nice, also Juvenile Techniques by Company Flow, its got the same sample as one of Miilkbone's tracks, nice! If someone has any info on that track as to where it comes from lemme know. Enjoy some hiphop.


1. Ill Mentality - Lovin U 4 Dayz
2. Brothers of the Mind - Rough and Tough (Nimetyme Mix)
3. Artifacts - Haagen Daz
4. I-Power - Under Da Sun/ The Madness
5. J-Treds - Make it Happen
6. Lower Life Forms - Open Invitation/ Independence Day
7. Parallax - Don't Mean Jak/Bleeding Hate
8. Ring - One Game (Left To Play)
9. Wisdom - Angel
10. Wolfe D.O.M - Kamakkazzi/ Thought Chaser
11. Homeless Derilex - Explanations
12. Company Flow - Juvenile Techniques
13. Knowledge is Power - Demaka
14. Dysfunctional Family - Like That U Dont Feat. Finsta Bundy
15. Chapter 3 - Ruff n Tuff
16. Headrush - Run For Cover
17. Trife and D Mob Running From The Mob
18. Darcmind - Smooth Wit The Roughness
19. Okey Doke - Whos Da One Rappin (Okey Doke)
20. Rec Center - Who's Who
21. Top Choice Clique - You Can't Deal

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verge said...

Yo,esteban,great work on this mix and the rest of 'em.This is verge from ,I couldn't find contact info or an email add to send you this mssg,so delete it after you read it if you want.
I have a request that nobody on the net seems to be able to fill.
Song called 'Quarter to Midnight',or at least that's stated in the or somewhere in the verses.Might be by Ill Distracxion.Any help appreciated.Props.
My email is: