Saturday, December 6, 2008

People Without Shoes

Thoughts of an Optimist

For my two readers I got to drop this flava right here, since Christmas is around the 12". This is for all the hip-hop lovers out there. People Without Shoes - Thoughts of an Optimist. This is one grimey, dark album. This is my steez. I like my hip-hop man it keeps me positive, the beats, & the rhymes. Some people like to bump pop club shit that the radio stations like to call "hip-hop", I like to bump my underground shit and just vibe out. So without any further adieu, I present you this rare gem that I'm sure many heads know about, but for those who don't, peep it.


1. nappyhead assasin
2. escape the streets
3. evil for eternity (remix)
4. 8 ft deep
5. mental maze
6. if
7. ghettonetics
8. little shop of horrors
9. green shoelaces
10. eveil for eternity
11. rainy monday

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Anonymous said...

thanks, looking forward to hearing this

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot! great blog.