Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mad Skillz

From Where???

This album is the shit! Mad Skillz hails from Virginia, From Where??? Virginia is not a likely place to hear rap comming from but the group supafriends, mad skillz' crew is pretty dope. Thie album was blessed with production from your favorite producers Buckwild, Nic Wiz, Jaydee, Large Professor, The Beatnuts, and Shawn J. Period! pretty nice there, ya? One of my favorite albums


1. From Where???
2. It's Goin Down
3. The Nod Factor
4. Va. In the House
5. Tongues of the Next Shit
6. Doin Time in the Ciper
7. Tip of the Tongue
8. Extra Abstract Skills
9. Wmad (Interlude)
10. Get Your Groove On
11. The Jam
12. Move Ya Body
13.Street Rules
14. All In It
15. Unseen World
16. Inherit the World

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Word of Mowf

Rare slept on joint from the Supafriends, Lonnie B, Danja Mowf, & Mad Skillz. This album is aight, not as great as Mad Skillz' From Where??? but it still has that dark eerie ish that I dig. Unseen World original is my favorite though.


1 Death of an A&R
2 Phone Tag
3 Make it Hot
4 Like Flies
5 Vowel Movement
6 14 Ladies
7 Simple Clarence..
8 Espionage
9 GrandDaddy's Lynchin' Story
10 Strange Fruit
11 Dangerous
12 Mowf of MADness
13 Jack~n~da~Weedstalk
14 Question
15 Watchin' You
16 Unseen World Part II
17 Like Flies Remix

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This album is the shit