Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Showbiz & AG


Showbiz and AG's Goofellas was released in 1995 on Payday records. This album is pure dopeness, probably my favorite album. We gots Lord Finesse, DJ Premier, Roc Raider, as well as Showbiz handling the production. For guest spots its also sick wit it with D-flow, Lord Finesse, Wali World, Party Arty, Diamond D and Method Man! Hell Yah... I got my copy you got yours!!??


1. Never Less Than Ill
2. You Know Now
3. Check It Out
4. Add On
5. Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
6. Time For
7.Got The Flava
8.Neighborhood Sickness
9. All Out
10. Medicine
11. I'm Not The One
12. Got Ya Back
13. Next Level
14. You Want It

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T-Bone said...

This is a gem, even got meth throwing that old early 90's flava on it!, man i love the 92-95 era!