Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mic Geronimo

The Natural

Mic Geronimo's '95 album The Natural was his first release which dropped on Blunt Records. This is the only album from him that I was feelin. This album's guest spots and producers are what make this album worth a listen for sure and to add to the collection as well. The producers showcased on The Natural are Da Beatminerz and Buckwild. As for the guest spots O.C., Royal Flush, DMX, Ja Rule, and Jay-Z can be found. This is where Jay-Z is best I've heard from him, everything else is whack, but thats my opinion. Men Vs. Many is my joint on here, peep it, its got that dark, gritty nineties feel to it. enjoy.


1. Natural, The
2. Lifecheck
3. Wherever You Are
4. Masta I.C.
5. Man of My Own
6. Time to Build
7. Shit's Real
8. Three Stories High
9. Sharane
10. Men V. Many - (with O.C./Royal Flush)
11. Train of Thought
12. Things Change
13. Masta I.C. - (remix, with Lost Boyz)

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