Wednesday, January 30, 2008



IMO Resurrection was his best work. Some would argue but it was released in the best year for hip hop in '94 so how can you argue that? It's damn fresh and I havent given it a spin in awhile so thats something that needs to change rather quickly...


1. Resurrection
2. I Used To Love H.E.R.
3. Watermelon
4. Book Of Life
5. In My Own World (Check The Method)
6. Another Wasted Nite With...
7. Nuthin' To Do
8. Communism
10. Thisisme
11. Orange Pineapple Juice
12. Chapter 13 (Rich Man Vs. Poor Man)
13. Maintaining
14. Sum Sh*t I Wrote
15. Pop's Rap


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Andermaster said...

Thank for link of Common, excellent blog...peace