Monday, January 28, 2008

Flow Official


Well I don't know what this is honestly. Some mix tape I found. These cats are from Florida where I personally have found some talented groups and artists. Track number one just kills it for me when it starts. If my car player is on loud and if its in there and the car starts its really annoying and I always felt like throwing it out the window. But a few cool tracks have saved me from doing so.


1 Shootoutz(intro)
2 Uptown On The 4 Train
3 How We Do!
4 Da Anthem
5 Dj Marc Flo (nyc)
6 Poli-trixx 2
7 Awareness
8 The Worldwide Show
9 Feel Good Muzic
10 Cant Front
11 In The Mix
12 Write Here
13 The Truth
14 A Chance 2 Speak
15 En La Casa
16 Determined
17 In The City
18 Dark Keys
19 4 Worlds
20 Destiny
21 Lonely Nights
22 Elevation
23 So Sorry, Call U Later(outro)


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